Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome or Awful: Ardell Accent Lashes

I'm a huge fan of fake eyelashes. They're my favorite way of adding a little something extra for evening outings. I was so excited when I stumbled across Ardell Accent Lashes, style 301 ($3.49):

They are supposed to give you a more natural look than traditional eyelash strips. According to the packaging, adding them to the outer corner of you lash line will give you an "Audrey Hepburn look."

My thoughts: They are very subtle. I may use these again for a daytime wedding or a date when I want to kick it up a notch without going full-on. In the future, I will use a liquid liner on my top lid to get the full Audrey Hepburn effect. I think they are AWESOME.

What do you think? Are they AWESOME or AWFUL?


  1. reali cute..i wud consider buying..what do you all think about individual lashes

  2. cute but a bit short i just bought them and im planning to wear them on halloween ..... although my lashes are thick and long already so this might work really well for the glam effect i want .....