Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pretty news: Beyonce's insta-tan on the cover of Glamour Russia

Apparently, the folks over at Glamour Russia thought that Beyonce could stand to deepen her complexion a shade or five for their June 2009 cover. The cover on the left is the original photo that ran in December 2007 for another Russian magazine, Joy. I use the term "original" loosely because B looks heavily airbrushed in that shot as well.

I think the whole thing is rather hilarious. What were they thinking? But to be honest, I think she looks prettier with the tan.

So what do you think? Was Glamour Russia wrong to bronze up B or do you like the mocha version?

Source: Coco Perez


  1. I like regular B better.
    Not lovin' the mocha colored Beyonce.

  2. Both are pretty, but I like Beyonce's regular complexion on her better. Anna

    interesting... but maybe not true.

    Love your blog, but feels like it started on being about you and it has started to move on to be about gossip, or other stuff on blogs that already exsist. This blog is special because you are special, and when it is not about you, and your changes and processes it losses something. I would like to see you try more make-up products, or other celeb looks and blog about them. Maybe some fashion leaps with clothes and jewery.