Thursday, September 17, 2009

Awesome or Awful: Black polish

You may have remembered that I tried the yellow polish trend for summer. Now I've tried black polish, a hot new trend for fall.

I say, hot and new, but I recall this trend first appearing 4 years ago. I remember painting my nails black for New Year's Eve 2005 and one of my friends was worried that I'd gone goth. Since then, black polish has gone mainstream and looks like it will easily become a fall staple.

To be honest, I didn't go to the salon with the intention of getting black polish. I really wanted a a very deep purple on my toes, so I chose OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. Instead of deep purple, I got black (they should really call it Lincoln Park at Midnight, but that doesn't rhyme).

My thoughts: I like the look. Very edgy and cool, but I'm not ready to make it the color for fall. I think at my next visit to the salon I might try a pretty plum or deep navy, two other hot shades for fall. But I definitely think that black polish is AWESOME.

What do you think? Is it AWESOME or AWFUL?

Are you planning on trying black polish this fall? If so, send a pic to and I will post!


  1. I think the dark purple is hot for fall, you should definitely try that.

  2. You know what, I've never used black polish on my toes before. I think that it is pretty when you have enough contrast. But, I will give it a try on my next pedicure.


  3. yuck... your toes...